The Tech VA Accelerator™

The 12-week program for virtual assistants who are ready to specialize in tech, charge more money, and become booked out.


Are you interested in becoming or increasing your skills as a tech VA?


Maybe you’ve been working as a general virtual assistant, doing administrative support, or social media management, and you’re just not enjoying it.


You're also not making much money. 😬


You've been interested in becoming a Tech VA, but you're not sure if you're ready.


Maybe you think you don't have enough experience, you are unsure of how to make this pivot, or you feel like you just don't know enough to go all in. 




You've already been doing some Tech VA services but you want to take it to the next level. You want to become an authority and charge premium prices by offering high-ticket services.


I understand how you feel!


Jessica Sciuva smiling

Hey, I'm Jess!

tech specialist & coach for VA's

I became a Tech VA almost 2 years ago after majorly struggling in my VA business. I was offering all of these different services, and I wasn’t really great at any of them (TBH 😬).


What really lit the fire within me was getting into new tech systems and helping my clients set up their businesses.


Then it hit me, I can specialize in just tech. 🤯


I started dropping services and clients who weren’t aligned with my new specialty.


All of a sudden, clients started rolling in. Why? Because I knew how to market myself. I knew exactly what I offered and how I could help potential clients. 

I wasn’t this general VA who could do it all.  I was a Tech VA who could help set up and run your systems like a boss.


You can do the same!

Why keep wasting time doing services that you don’t love?

Becoming a successful tech virtual assistant is achievable for anyone who enjoys systems, has the ability to figure things out, and is willing to put in the work.


You don’t have to have lots of experience in order to make this happen.


And I can show you how…



The Tech VA Accelerator™

A 12-Week Group Program for Virtual Assistants who are ready to make more money and ignite their tech VA business

I created this program to solve a few big issues that kept popping up:


1) Virtual assistants were struggling to stand out from the crowd because their branding and systems were lacking.

2) They were stuck charging low prices because of reason #1, and they were only offering basic services.

3) They didn't know what high-ticket tech services they could offer or how to learn them so they could start charging higher prices.

If you feel like I just described you, then this program is for you.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • Week 1 & 2

    Foundations & Marketing

    We'll start by choosing your services and determining your pricing . Then we'll come up with your "I Help" statement and you’ll learn how to build your online storefront to attract your ideal client and create content that converts.

  • Week 3 & 4

    Systems & Clients

    Next we'll make sure your systems are flawless when it comes to finding and onboarding clients. Learn the process to take for every potential clients that comes your way and how to land clients with ease.

  • Week 5 & 6

    Design Basics

    After that, we’ll get into design. You’ll learn the basics of creating and designing landing pages, thank you pages, and sales pages so you can build them out confidently for your clients. These are common services you'll need to know!.

  • Week 7 & 8

    Funnel Building

    Next up, we’ll cover what funnels are and I’ll teach you different types of funnels you’ll create for your clients. We’ll go over opt-in funnels, tripwires, upsells/downsells, webinar funnels, and more.

  • week 9 & 10

    Email Marketing

    After learning about funnels, you’ll learn how to set up emails and sequences for different types of funnels, how to tag, create splits, and use specific segments. Also learn what to do and what not to do when it comes to email marketing.

  • Week 11 & 12

    Scaling with Tech

    Finally, we’ll go over high-level services you can provide to start scaling your business as well as creating passive income streams so you can make more money effortlessly.



What will the group calls look like?


During the calls, I'll be teaching on the weekly topic while also answering questions. Then we'll have time for Q&A and hot-seat coaching. During this time, we'll review what actions you're taking, and I'll give you feedback to help you improve. This time is so important to keep you accountable!




Including ClickUp, Kajabi, Kartra, Teachable, Mailerlite, Squarespace, Wordpress, Deadline Funnel, Samcart, Calendly, and ConvertKit.



Where you can get ongoing support and access to me Monday-Friday.

Don't forget about the BONUSES!


  • NEW: My Crazy for Kartra course ($397 value)
  • My Discovery Call and Proposal Template ($100 value)
  • My Marketing Training Replay ($97 value)
  • Addition to my Virtual Assistant Directory (priceless)



Who is this program for?


Virtual Assistants who...

  • Are struggling to make money & find clients consistently

  • Don't want to be stuck doing services they don't enjoy

  • Want to learn higher-level tech skills so they can charge more money 

  • Want to be able to market themselves as a tech expert and become known in this online space



Who is this program NOT for?


Virtual Assistants who...

  • Are consistently having 5k+ months

  • Are booked out and are scaling their business

  • Are already seen as the expert or authority in their specialty



The truth is, this program can help you become a Tech VA in a matter of weeks. 


If you show up to the calls (or watch the replays), put effort into doing what is required, and take consistent action to move the needle forward, you will leave this program with the confidence and skills to conquer anything that comes your way.




  • Say YES to any tech opportunity?

  • Charge more money for your services?

  • Find clients who truly value your work?

  • Become booked out?

  • Be known as a Tech expert?


    Let's make this happen for you.

    Jessica showed me all the opportunities out there as a tech VA. She taught me not only how to position and market myself, but she also provided the tech and implementation strategy trainings on the most sought-after tech VA jobs the high-paying clients are looking to outsource. Knowing that I have Jess's tech training, tips, and tricks, gives me the confidence to say, "YES, I can do that!" to any tech opportunity. And the Facebook Community is a tech gold mine!


    Let’s answer those questions

    What time and days will the calls be?

    What if I can't make the calls?

    What if I'm just starting my VA business, is this program right for me?

    This program is NOT for the newer VA because we will be diving deep into tech services that may be too overwhelming for you at this point. But if you're interested in 1:1 coaching, you can apply here.

    What if I'm already a Tech VA, is this program right for me?

    It depends. If you’re consistently making 5k+ a month in your business as a Tech VA, this program is probably not for you. But, if you’re struggling to get to this point in your business, then this program will help you get there.

    Do you offer refunds?

    There are no refunds, but I'm confident that this program will be worth every penny (and more) and that you'll see amazing results if you take the actions I recommend.

    Do you offer a payment plan?

    Yes! I want this program to be as affordable as possible, so I'm offering a 6-month and 12-month payment plan. If you do choose a payment plan, just know that it must be completed in full. If you default on your payment, you'll be removed from the program and may be sent to Collections.

    If I choose a payment plan, can I pay it off early?

    Absolutely! If you want to arrange that, just email me at

    So...what are you waiting for?

    I learned a lot from Jessica in this 8 weeks. She is generous in sharing her knowledge and experience. She also understands my struggle as an introvert and her support and encouragement has moved me to work on my business. I also learned a lot from the other members during the group calls as they shared their experiences.


    This program helped me hone my tech skills and helped me to get clear on what I'm offering my clients. Before, I struggled with marketing myself as a tech va - mostly cause I myself was unsure of what exactly that term entailed. After taking this program, not only did I have a clear definition of what a tech va is and what they do, but I also know exactly what I want to offer my clients, how to position myself as the expert and how to build a business I love.